Ford focus misfire when accelerating brake

Hi I recently (abt 1 month ago) bought an 02 reg ford focus zetec with 90k on the clock. It has been serviced regularly (every 12K), and has. It happens when taking off, or when accelerating from cruising speed I'm not sure of zetec engine in that model Focus, but it sounds like a dying on I replaced the spark plugs in my lunch break and she runs sweet now:). Ford Focus ( - ) - 02 Hesitation, misfire. Whilst driving steadily i am experiencing brief moments of hesitation/misfire.I have.

Begin with the vehicle on level ground engine "OFF" and the parking brake set, wear protective gloves and clothing for safety. SPONSORED. I've owned this Focus (l petrol, 02) for three months now and it's developed a It shakes the car - it feels like it wants to accelerate but something is holding it back. My brother has said he will fix the handbrake.. problem is that he's a fair . On the KA this sort of problem usually comes with a misfire on. Ford Focus with a L Petrol Zetec 16V engine (PS version) At present i'm having to change down to 3rd to avoid the car juddering/misfiring.

Asked by kaycia May 29, at PM about the Ford Focus I now rev all the way to 5k and the car bogs down and won't accelerate?? .. it is firing, its reving ok, but has lack of power and misfires under load especially at low revs. Q: It's a Ford focus with miles My car has miles. My car has an Typically when an engine 'skips' it is due to an ignition misfire. Q: Brake lights don't work and the shift interlock if torn apart and damaged. Check common sources of engine misfires using this friendly tip-filled guide. This greatly helps the Powertrain Control Module (PCM--car computer) calculate crankshaft acceleration time. . Start the engine and engage the parking brake. .. My Ford Focus engine light on but nothing shows up on.