How to make old treasure map

This will make the map look more like a worn treasure map. 2. Use a tea bag to make the map look old. Wipe a wet tea bag over both sides of. Instructions for a Pirate's Treasure Map craft. For your treasure-map I have an alternative to make any paper look old (apart from crumbling it up). When you. Going to create a treasure map for my little girl to find some of her presents on . wall envy art typographic onto music or old book pages Old Book Crafts.

This is an easy project that can make simple white paper into a really cool old looking treasure map! This tutorial is great with a supplies list and pictures. it says . This time we used ours for fun maps, but I think this paper would make pretty cards as We had a bag break (yep, my two-year-old's doing) and it added a great. The next logical step was to make a pirate treasure map and I have to say, I had so much fun with this! It reminded me of all the maps and fun.