What is a jordan urban dictionary

A Jordan is super athletic. He is very popular. He is sweet but don't get me wrong if u say something wrong he will attack u like there is no tomorrow. Jordan has. Jordan is a hilarious outgoing girl who will always make you smile. She secretly hides her pain with smiles but humors others with her sarcastic attitude. She has . Jordan(boy) A guy who is a chill dude. He has an amazing smile and gives great walkingdist.com girl would be lucky to be with him!.

If you are dating a Jordan, you are lucky. He will love and care for you until the end of days. He is smooth and funny but knows when its time to get down to. Every game Jordan would do something spectacular and for 13 seasons he captivated crowds with gravity defying dunks, inspired defence, and dramatic. The act of not following through i.e. Making plans with no intention of the completion to the said activity.

The name for the facial hair style adopted by retired American professional basketball player Michael Jordan that is reminiscent of the mustache worn by. Gets greatly offended if you call him a Jordan. to notice that the name is spelled with an O instead of an A. Which makes everyone think the person is a Jordan. Jordan could be ur hero, ur soulmate, ur best friend and always be there for u. He is the most reliable person in my life and maybe urs. He would do anything for. Get a Air Jordan mug for your Facebook friend Larisa. jump all the way from the doorway and slam-dunk your balls in her mouth and you say "Air Jordan, bitch!.