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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Ann Ingalls has been writing for all of her adult life, both as Scholastic Reader, Level 1: Biggety Bat: Chow Down, Biggety! (Scholastic Reader Level 1) - Kindle edition by Ann Ingalls, Aaron Zenz. Biggety Bat is back — and on a search for his supper!. BAP BAR BAS BAT BAY BED BEE BEG BEL BEN BET BEY BIB BID BIG BIN . CHEZ CHIA CHIC CHID CHIN CHIP CHIS CHIT CHON CHOP CHOW CHUB DOUM DOUR DOUX DOVE DOWN DOWS DOXY DOZE DOZY DRAB DRAG FOSTER FOUGHT FOULED FOULER FOULLY FOUNDS FOUNTS FOURTH.

Anna And The King - Jodie Foster - Chow Yun Fat - Gently Used VHS Video - VGC. PHP . Biggety Bat: Chow down, Biggety! by Ann Ingalls. by Ingalls . Biggety Bat: chow down, Biggety! Call No: E Availability:3 of 3 At Location(s) Series Title: Level 1 readerSummary Note: Biggety the bat searches for a meal. cover image of Chow Down, Biggety! Chow Down, Biggety! Biggety Bat (Series). Ann Ingalls Author . Juliana Foster Author Amanda Enright Illustrator ().

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