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Land Navigation nearest point; Count number of contour lines up or down that must be crossed to get to point; Points at top of hill add half the contour interval. a pencil in a field environment, perform basic map reading, per the student handout. . Every time a map is used, refer to the legend to prevent errors in symbol. military map, without any errors, per Map Reading and Land Navigation, FM 3- (HSS- protected because they can hold tactical information, such as.

HANDBOOK. Marine Barracks. Washington, DC . Following a Compass during Night Land Navigation . 54 (22) Unit Imprint and Symbol. (23) Legend To use the coordinate scale for determining grid coordinates, make sure that the . UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS. Marine Corps University . It is important that all of you understand how to apply the map reading rule to If you require a more accurate 6-digit grid coordinate than can be obtained by estimation, you. Land navigation consists of being able to use skills that can help one traverse Marine Corps recruits are first introduced to land navigation while at boot camp.

Part One addresses map reading and Part Two, land navigation. . symbol for a building covers an area about square feet on the ground; agreements that permit the United States to make and use maps of another. The Complete Guide to Land Navigation with the Military Grid Reference System The amount of information you can gain from referencing a map is .. after serving for 10 years as a Navy SEAL with multiple deployments. get in touch with our Marine side and is setting up a boot camp style land Nav course in 2 weeks, and Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation First: don't forget to do the math between Magnetic and Grid azimuths.