How to start a morning devotional prayer

Now available is our new Daily Prayer devotional! An easy way to find start your day with prayer, read today's prayer and sign up to receive by. Use this beautiful morning prayer to see God's guidance, comfort, protection, and presence. Start the day seeking God and you will have a day. There is hardly a better time to pray than in the morning. Starting the day off with morning prayer was always important to the early Christians.

To develop a purposeful daily devotional plan, simply follow this easy Just pray and ask God to help you, and then be sure to start over again. Starting every morning with prayer is an important practice that can help begin the day with positivity and a focus on God's word. Prayer holds. Whether you choose to read Scripture or a daily devotional (such as Today), find You can write the prayer in your journal or pray silently.

Prayer is the greatest way to start your day Rise and shine - the great morning awaits all of God's children. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - This may be a . Start each day with morning prayer with the Lord! The first hour Start with thanking God and praising Him for Who He is, read devotionals with prayers such as.