What is a pro rata liability clause

Definition of pro rata liability clause: A clause stipulating that any loss will be paid proportionally, according to the amount of coverage it provides in relation to. A pro rata liability clause is a stipulation in an insurance policy that obliges the insurance company to cover only a percentage of a loss if the insured has other. Definition of PRO RATA LIABILITY CLAUSE: A clause that states the losses incurred will be paid off in proportion to the coverage amount that is provided.

a clause in an insurance policy limiting an insurer's liability for a loss to a to coverage collectible from other insurers for the same loss called also pro rata. Barrons Dictionary | Definition for: pro rata liability clause. [P]. pro rata liability clause. Most standard coverages now place this clause within the other insurance clause to clarify which policy will respond should there .

Multiple Insurance Coverage: Pro Rata Liability, Contribution of Equal Shares, Additionally, exculpatory clauses may relieve the insurer of liability for losses if. Pro Rata Liability. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the aggregate amount of Losses for which the Buyer Group shall be indemnified by. Pro Rata Liability Clause - Provides that losses will be paid in the proportion that the amount of the policy bears to the entire amount of insurance on all policies. Legal definition of pro rata clause: a clause in an insurance policy limiting an insurer's liability for a loss to a proportionate share in relation to coverage.