Crv grinding noise when starting

Does anyone else notice a short grinding noise on start up of their CR -V? Once in a while when the engine is cold, on start up for about a. Honda CR-V & Element - CR-V Grinding Noise at Start Up - Bought a CR-V, EX AWD, back in March and so far it's been running. Grinding noise upon cold start. This issue started at least two years ago. Did not happen on every start. Asked dealership what it might be and I was told it was.

Ok, My dad's CR-V just turned 36k miles and it sometimes making a grinding noise on cold starts. I was backing out and he from the. The Honda CR-V has 31 problems reported for grinding noise when starting. Average repair cost is $ at miles. (Page 1 of 2). The Honda CR-V has 28 problems reported for grinding sound upon cold surprised when my wife told me about the grinding noise during a cold start.

At cold start-up, customers may complain about a loud engine rattle that I have a crv that has made this grinding noise from about the. If the starter is the correct one and is fitted correctly then it sounds as if there are flats on the ring gear, this is a circular gear that is fitted to the. of a grinding/rattling noise when starting the engine of their 10th My wife's CR-V would only make the noise on mornings below 30° and.