Fl studio how to move window

than the other. I want my FL window to be open on the big monitor while /r/ FL_Studio - The Reddit Home Of FL Studio. Sharing a track?. FL Studio has always allowed the use of dual (or more) monitors but it may looks Set the window you want to move to another monitor to 'Detached' (in the top. 1. If the maximize/restore button looks like image A, click on it. It will then look like image B. 2. Move the window to a different position by dragging the title bar 3.

I can't find a way to move the main window for FL Studio I can resize it but can't move it to where I want it. I've searched in the knowledge. My problem with FL studio atm is that I can't find a way to stretch FL I didn't find any space by which I could drag the FL studio window to any. When using FL Studio as a VSTi, the UI takes up the whole screen. If it isn't, you should be able to resize and drag it it however you want.

I'll have a few plugin windows open during a session, sometimes on a second screen. When I reopen the I can't even grab them to move them onto the second screen. Is there anything FL Studio Mobile 3, Stagelight. FL Studio Shortcuts Pattern Selector; Channel Window and Step Sequencer; Record/Playback/Transport Alt+Down Arrow, Move Selected channel Down. I thought I had found the answer when one person clearly stated Xinerama was what allowed windows like 2nd monitor actions.. all.