How to change lee 1000 shell plate

If you order Shell Plates to convert to another caliber with a different primer size, be sure to order the Pro Primer Attachment as well. Shell Plate #1 38 Spl. Pro Operation Demo download video, Changing the Shell Plate Carrier download video Primer Tray Trick, Pro Z Bar Adjustment download video . i have a lee pro progressive loader that has shell plate #1 (38/) on it, how do i change shell plates to a #19 (9mm,40sw)? im not.

Lee Pro Shell Plates and Carriers. To change calibers, the entire Shell Plate Carrier can be replaced. Each unit comes complete with Shell Plate, Auto. lee pro caliber change questions Handloading, Reloading, and I need to change? exactly? new dies new shellplate?? what can i get.