How to fix a broken bong

Not really, it still works tho so what can you do? Follow my social media to stay updated outside of YouTube! Twitter: ErickKhan_ Instagram. Oh, it's so pitty, but don't worry. i've repaired a number of them. There are a few ways you can do it but my main piece of advice is not to use superglue, cheap. These less dramatic breaks can be easily repairable, sometimes they can even be made to look good as new. So how do you fix a broken bong or a broken.

how to fix a broken bong in a hand. So, your favorite piece broke — It happens. Whether you accidentally dropped your triple honeycomb. How to Repair a Broken Bong Percolator: Note: This tutorial will work on tobacco waterpipes (bongs) with 4mm glass. It is easier to do than it looks. You just. Ok so last night me and a friend were filling up my bong when it tapped the side of the sink and the bottom base fell off. At first we were just like.

So my month old $ glass bong had an accident this morning. i remember getting quoted 50$ to fix a broken steamroller which cost me. Post with 13 votes and views. Shared by ambickett Fixing the base of a broken bong. Hey all, I know there's some materials that aren't safe, so I thought I'd check with the experts here. My bong broke, an almost clean break.