People who ask obvious questions

Often people will state an obvious question which will reflexively get a . works to keep people from asking those types of questions to me. Many but the most striking; You are at a theatre. Someone comes over. * So, you' ve come to watch this movie. Right? You will actually want to. But what about those supposedly caring or concerned relatives, friends and even strangers who ask other inappropriate, intrusive, or downright rude questions?.

Smart people don't just ask questions--they ask smart questions. people may disagree, most won't--the answer you want to hear is obvious. The obvious questions people repeatedly ask that make want to give a sarcastic answer. When you're wearing braces, they ask: "Hey, did you get braces?" Answer: No, I ate a transformer and forgot to floss. 2. When someone knocks.

Basically what the title asks, I hate it when people ask me questions were the answers are completely obvious or when someone states the obvious. It almost. What is obvious to you is not necessarily obvious to everyone else and so many manuals are written for people who don't really need the.