Spore how to play lan

I'm wondering if there will be a LAN-play option. I think it would be interesting to get a group of people together with the express purpose of. Offline. maybe if we could play spore online, that would be awesome that i mean is that as a LAN game spore would work succefully but not. I just want to play with my bros. Crack so cold ones! Play Spore! Is that too much to ask? Any like hamachi or gamespot hacks of any kind?.

For Spore on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "LAN to somehow play this game in multiplayer, perferably over LAN? If so, is. Spore is actually a single player game. You aren't playing with multiple people. What the internet does is download creatures, buildings, and. To my understanding it's a singleplayer experience passed around to multiple people, so you can only play on a day it is "your turn." permalink.

Is it possible to give spore an online multiplayer functionality using the first spore player with friends immediately wanted this upon playing. Solved: I loved playing Darkspore, it took Spore to a new level. It left some of the great features of Spore and combined it with an online game with.