What does disculpa mean in english

Me pidió que escribiera una disculpa al grupo. He asked me to write an apology to the group. Mil disculpas por mi walkingdist.com apologies for my lateness. 2. What does "disculpe" mean? I have seen Disculpe las molestias is a roadsign frequently seen at the end of Spanish road-works. We're sorry. Translation of disculpa at Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary. Audio pronunciations, verb conjugations, quizzes and more.

Translation of disculpa | le pido disculpas por mi tardanza. You can say it too with "Perdón" or "Perdone" instead of "Disculpe" someone or if you want someone to repeat something you did not hear correctly "Disculpa" means you acknowledge there has been a fault, but it wasn't. As far as I have been able to understand, 'disculpe', 'perdon' and 'lo siento' can in both directions (english from spanish and spanish from english) but I do a little perdón/perdoname in that instance, since it also means "sorry/excuse me".

Disculpa/disculpe is the way to say sorry/pardon, both are very formal but second one is a bit more. A bit out of topic: When do you use su and when do you use usted? If you want an opinion from an spanish person (apologies for my english both means the same, just when you use it like a question "Disculpe/a?. disculpa translation english, Spanish - English dictionary, meaning, see also ' Disculpas',Disculpas',disculpar',disculpable', example of use, definition. Translations in context of "Disculpa, me equivoqué" in Spanish-English from Reverso If you do again and again It Is a hablt tomorow he leaves and say sorry I. that if I don't hear what someone said the word disculpe is a good way them or asking them not to do something, Spanish uses the 2nd person of . 1) Did you mean to put "In any case, you cannot use disculpa/e like que?.