What does fiction mean dictionary

fiction definition: 1. the type of book or story that is written about imaginary the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of. A fiction is a deliberately fabricated account of something. The Latin word fictus means “to form,” which seems like a good source for the English word fiction, since is what literature does best, and Oz poses them magnificently in his fiction. Fiction definition is - something invented by the imagination or feigned; specifically outlaws of the Old West are fictions that have little or nothing to do with fact See the full definition for fiction in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

Fiction definition, the class of literature comprising works of imaginative narration, This I do not believe: it is part of the fiction of woman's superior morality. A belief or statement which is false, but is often held to be true because it is expedient to do so. 'the notion of the country being a democracy is a polite fiction'. fiction definition: Fiction is defined as something that is not true. (noun) An example of fiction is a book that is not based on a true story. An example of fiction is a.

Fiction definition: Fiction refers to books and stories about imaginary people and Times ()Yet what is the distinction between autobiography and fiction. Top definition You need good family support to write salable fiction, because it can be a pretty lonely job to be My favorite genre of fiction is Science Fiction. Fiction broadly refers to any narrative that is derived from the imagination—in other words, not . Neal Stephenson has suggested that while any definition will be simplistic there is today a This contrasts with genre fiction where plot is the central concern. . J. A. Cuddon, The Penguin Dictionary of Literary Terms ( ). fiction meaning, definition, what is fiction: books and stories about imaginary people: Learn more.