How to cut cable lock

Bicycle Mechanics - Cutting a cable lock - I would like advice on cutting through a cable lock like this one: A pair of hand held cable cutters will cut through most cable locks in a few seconds. Cheap, inconspicuous and easy to carry around in a coat pocket, this is the. My room-mate left town with the key and I need to get the cable off the front wheel . Is it better to buy a bolt cutter, or how long would it take.

If something has broken in the bike lock, there might be no way to open it by manipulating the locking mechanism. In cases like this, you can cut. And how to you sit there and saw your bike lock off without getting people's A Dremel with an abrasive cut off wheel will go right through it. I don't think a hacksaw is going to cut it (both literally and figuratively). Try reading the tips on this thread: How to open a bike lock after losing.

Though some thieves will try to drill the lock, the most common way bikes are stolen is when crooks cut through the lock's shackle, cable.