How to flood minecraft

So I built this island type thing in the sky, and I was wonder How Can I flood this island bowl effectively? So Anyone have any ideas on this?. Browse and download Minecraft Flooded Projects by the Planet Minecraft community. FLOODED EARTH SURVIVAL. Updated on Mar 28th, , 12/31/69 pm | 4 logs. Published on Jul 22nd, , 7/22/12 pm. diamonds.

"Hole In the Ground" technique[edit]. This is the most convenient way to create a two-block-deep lake. It's perfect if all you want is a little surface. Even with a world editor, you cannot flood "the whole world", because the world is procedurally generated as you explore it. The best you could. Jess, Ty and AJ Biffin at the Minecraft 'The Great Flood' finale at the Ipswich Library as part of the Digital Heritage Project. Rob Williams.