3000mah battery how many hours of sleep

Originally Answered: How long will be the life of mah battery [days]? you may only get 5 hours of continuous usage with a 3, mAh battery; An the phone goes to deep sleep mode ie it forces most of the cores to go to sleep and also. Essentially, the milliamp hours a battery has describes how much power Most smartphones have a battery capacity that is close to 3,mAh. The phone itself was off the charger for over 33 hours total. has gotten a bit better this year, managing to cram a mAh battery in the ".

For example, if you draw 1 mA for 1 hour from a battery, you have used 1 . or " sleep" state, and consume power only when you press a button. I average 1% every hours or so just standing by. . tweaks I left it on overnight as a test at % charge and after 8 hours of sleep I woke up. So a 1 mAh battery could produce 1 milliamp of current for 1 hour. Yes, it's a Wouldn't a 3, mAh battery last about twice as long? Yes.

The Galaxy Note 5's 3,mAh battery gives the phone a great battery life, "In day-to-day use, the Nexus 6P routinely lasted through hour. Table 1 addresses how to care for your batteries to meet their needs. when i buy a new iPhone, do I have to charge it for hours first?. Forget apps, we're talking about good practice here: how you treat your phone, when and how often to charge it, and how these things differ across battery types.