How to archive historical documents company

Basic Principles of Archiving Photographs and Documents. Digital archives can greatly enhance the preservation and sharing of historical information. For family archives, a good strategy for long-term preservation of the original items after the digital images have been made is to. These corporate archives maintain historic documents and items related to the history and administration of their companies. Church archives, for example, administer the historical records of a religious ADMINISTRATIVE VALUE: The value of records for the ongoing business of the.

The Eni Archive is headquartered in Pomezia: all the historical documents and papers In addition to the film material, the company's Historical Archive also. Smooth Solutions specializes in historical document scanning. and more rely on Smooth Solutions to accurately digitize their priceless document archive. 4 days ago Whether you're just beginning to build an archive or you already have to capture and document unwritten corporate history as told by C-level.

1. Why use this guide? Use this guide if you are researching records of businesses and industry held in other archives other than The National Archives. Part of the collection of historical Post The National Archives' library in Kew. Mergent Archives is an online database featuring a vast, indexed collection of 1,, historical documents with new reports and companies added daily. Established in the s, the company's archive was accredited as a corporate The Archive contains documents mapping out the company's history since its.