How to make facebook icons bigger iphone

You can make the icons bigger on iPhone so you can easily navigate helpful, please spread the word by sharing it on your social media. I asked if they could be made larger only to be told no. This seems odd. How do I consolidate the icons on my IPhone 6S to minimal pages?. If you're using Facebook on a computer, use the built-in zooming feature on your browser (example: Safari) to make Facebook appear larger on your screen.

Make text and icons easier to see on your iPhone with Display Zoom!. I know on past iPhone there was a regular and a Zoomed mode that made the icons larger. I can't find it on the X Is it possible to make the icons. How to Make icons Bigger on iPhone 8 Plus, X, iPhone 7 Plus/ XS: iOS 11/ iOS 12 a big font in iMessage, Mail, Whatsapp, FB messenger and remain apps.

Have you ever used someone else's iPhone, and it seemed like their app icons were bigger than yours? Or perhaps you find the app icons. Increasing the size of the Facebook windows will expand everything on the screen. Pictures, icons and text will all get larger. Hold down "Ctrl" and press "+" on. You can make text larger and more readable on your iPhone or iPad, but you can also increase the size of the app icons, text labels, and user.