Psychics who solved crimes

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but these crimes solved by psychics might make you rethink any doubts you had surrounding the idea. The subject is nothing if not controversial. On one television show an experienced detective insists that no psychic has ever helped his department solve a crime. Psychic detectives claim to have helped catch killers – do you believe them? Psychics often claim they help police solve crimes, help locate missing people and catch killers with their clairvoyant abilities. Here are just a few psychic detectives who believe they’ve helped.

Troy Griffin claims he's worked on more than missing persons cases. Troy Griffin saw a dear friend get into a car accident six years ago. Trouble is, it hadn't happened — yet. “I told my friend Diana, 'I'm concerned. Shunning the crystal ball, tarot cards and tea leaves of his fellow intuitives, he says he uses his psychic powers to solve crimes. "I've worked on.

A psychic detective is a person who investigates crimes by using purported . Noreen Renier claimed to have solved the murder of Kimberly McAndrew who was murdered August 12, Six years after. Join the guys as they delve into the world of true crime and allegations of ESP to discover whether any real-life psychics have solved actual. The missing person case solved by Sensing Murder psychic Kelvin Kelvin decided a while ago not to get involved in missing person cases. Some psychics have been so successful at helping police crack cases over the open a 5-year-old missing persons case, she ended up completely solving it.