What is a trolley rig fishing

Nothing can be quite as frustrating to pier and jetty anglers as having their bait fly off the hook while trying to make a long cast. Set up a trolley. The most popular rig for catching kingfish from a pier was developed in North Carolina, called a trolley rig. The trolley rig engages the usage of two fishing rods . Pier Trolley Rig setup Fishing Stuff, Bass Fishing, Surf Fishing, Fishing Rigs,. Visit Planers Catch More Fish Pike Fishing, Fishing Rigs, Fishing Bait, Saltwater.

Today I'm going to do a tutorial on how to make a release clip for a Trolley King rig that is often used in North and South Carolina when Fishing for King mackerel . ok so i was fishing the william o lockhart pier in s.e. fl. and i saw a kid fishing a trolley rig. you know where you throw your anchor lead and then.